The Scott Fire Department, along with the Lafayette Fire Department Haz-Mat Unit, successfully managed a potentially hazardous situation on Monday evening, following a major vehicle accident in the 3600 block of Landry Road.

This accident follows a similar mishap that occurred earlier Monday morning near Heide Circle, causing a bit of initial confusion among some residents.

The incident, which occurred at approximately 06:55 P.M., involved a tractor towing a box trailer loaded with 55-gallon drums and totes containing flammable liquids. The vehicle was found on its side, posing a significant risk of a chemical spill. Fortunately, the driver managed to escape the vehicle unharmed before emergency services arrived on the scene.

Upon their arrival, firefighters assessed the potential danger posed by the overturned trailer. The Lafayette Fire Department Haz-Mat Unit was quickly contacted to evaluate the situation and determined that although no chemicals were leaking, the flammable contents needed to be carefully removed from the trailer to prevent any possible hazards during the recovery process.

With specialized equipment and personnel dispatched to the site, the emergency teams worked swiftly to transfer the flammable liquids into another trailer, ensuring the safety of the surrounding area. The damaged truck and trailer were subsequently uprighted, allowing for the safe clearance of the accident scene.

The road, which had been closed to facilitate the emergency response, was reopened to traffic once the operation was completed.

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