In early May, we brought you the news about Buc-ee's possibly opening a new Lafayette, Louisiana location.

Now, more information is becoming available confirming our original reports and location for the new store.

Photobucket, trivandrum
Photobucket, trivandrum

The new information was released today from confirming a requested variance from Buc-ee's with Lafayette Consolidated Government's Board of Zoning.

From -

"Kimley-Horn, which has done construction work for other Buc-ee’s sites around the country, has requested a variance with the Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Board of Zoning Adjustment for the project for landscaping, required parking spaces and other details.

The development will cover nearly 500,000 square feet at the site that was years ago was pitched as a site for a Super 1 grocery store and an adjoining shopping center. Now Buc’ee’s wants to acquire most of the lot for the development with a 74,000-square-foot store, gas pumps and nearly 700 parking spaces."

Buc-ee’s is looking to open a store at the northeast corner of Louisiana Avenue and Interstate 10, according to the zoning documents.

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Acadiana is crazy 'bout Buc-ee's. As of now, the closest Buc-ee's to Cajun Country is roughly 3 hours west in Baytown, outside of Houston.

Obviously, Louisiana will have its first official Buc-ee's location opening in Ruston, very soon.

However, rumors are now at an all-time high about Buc-ee's opening a new location in Lafayette, and every day, new information leaks that's starting to turn the rumors into facts.

We've just learned something that backs up the rumors and speculation of a Lafayette Buc-ee's location, and here's what we heard...


Buc-ee's Actually Started In Louisiana

Back in January of 2023, it was announced that Buc-ee's would be opening their very first Louisiana location on Interstate 20 in Ruston.

Although it might be Buc-ee's first official Louisiana location, it's a Home-Coming of sorts.

The idea and dreams of what would eventually become Buc-ee's initially began in the village of Harrisonburg in Catahoula Parish in Louisiana.

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Google Maps
Google Maps

Buc-ee's Lafayette, Louisiana

So, before we get started on what we've heard about Buc-ee's opening a Lafayette, Louisiana location, we want to clarify a couple of things.

Normally, we wouldn't write about anything based on only rumors, but the more we poked around and asked the right questions to the right people, we were able to find some important pieces of information that actually lend a lot of credibility to some of the Lafayette Buc-ee's rumors.

The second thing is, we are keeping the identities of the people we spoke to about this confidential, as well as keeping some of the information we were told confidential for now, or until more information can be released.

Okay, now here's what we were told that we can tell you about Buc-ee's possibly coming to Lafayette.



There is a parcel of land in upper Lafayette for sale, located right where Louisiana Ave and I-10 meet.

The land for sale is 27 acres and is perfectly positioned for easy access by both the I-10 east and I-10 west exits and on-ramps.

This location is also located very close to the I-49 north and south exits and on-ramps.

You've always heard "Location, Location, Location" when it comes to real estate, and the 27 acres up for sale has that in spades when it comes to what Buc-ee's looks for when they open new locations.

Obviously, just because we think it makes an ideal location for an Acadiana Buc-ee's certainly doesn't mean this is where a new location will be built.

Buc-ee's Lafayette
Google Maps

Buc-ee's typically buys and builds on land that is between 20 and 30 acres, so the above location fits the bill.

The other rumored spot is a little west of the location above at I-10 and I-49.

New Lafayette Buc-ee's Location
Google Maps

You might be seeing the above pictures and thinking to yourself "Um, this isn't new information. This was reported two months ago", and if you are, you are correct.

However, we were part of a recent conversation that shed a bit more light on the Buc-ee's building in Lafayette rumor.

What we were told is that Buc-ee's "is currently in the process of buying land in Lafayette" from a national company that will remain anonymous until such time as a formal announcement is made.

The source wasn't 100% sure which of the above properties were being purchased by Buc-ee's, but they were 100% sure that one of the two properties is indeed being Buc-ee's.

Many times when a national company opens up a location in a new area they'll buy multiple pieces of property for development.

Maybe they'll open multiple locations in a market, maybe they won't, but having the property to do so is a smart move.

If a company decides to not develop the properties purchased, or if other opportunities for growth make better options, they'll sell off the multiple properties they initially bought.

Buying land in great locations is always a sound, profitable investment whether it gets developed or not.


Staff Photo
Staff Photo


To recap, a couple of months ago it was reported that Buc-ee's was in Lafayette scouting land for a new Louisiana location.

Now it seems they found a location they like and according to sources, they're currently in the process of buying the land to open a Lafayette location.

We searched city records to find proof of a sale or pending sale, but it seems it's so early in the process there's nothing officially on record...yet.

Fingers crossed!

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